Our Training System

Our Smart Start Program gives our athletes the strongest base possible on all of the apparatuses.  Using the knowledge we have of the physics and mechanics involved in gymnastics, we train our gymnasts to perform skills with a high degree of efficiency and precision while minimizing impact.

Performing the correct shapes and movement patterns prevents injuries and lowers the amount of stress the body goes through, ensuring that our athletes will have long and successful careers with minimal injury.

The program we use allows us to individualize the training to each gymnast, allowing us to minimize the individual’s weaknesses and maximize their strengths.  This means that gymnasts are not held back if they struggle with certain elements, such as flexibility.We also do not train “compulsory” elements that often do not lead to harder skills.  Every skill we train can and will lead to a higher level skill down the road.  This is the reason our gymnasts tend to have a faster rate of progression compared to other systems.

As soon as a gymnast has gained the skills necessary to move into a higher level, we allow them to.  We don’t hold gymnasts back based on “seasons” or the time of year they happen to join.

Our coaching staff not only has an incredible number of years coaching gymnastics, but we are also so well respected that we often train other coaches. Our staff offers coach education classes to other local gyms in a range of areas from tumbling and gymnastics, to team building and stretching.  On staff, we have coaches who have trained National and International champions, and some who were champions themselves.