Q. My daughter missed a class last week. How do I make it up?
     A. You have twelve weeks to make up a class (you must be enrolled in classes and paid tuition for the month in which you want to do the makeup). Please email the office a day or two in advance to find out when is the best time for you to make up a class.
Q. What should my gymnast wear to class?
   A. Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Level One-

~All gymnasts with hair at or below the shoulders MUST have their hair pulled back.
~No jewelry other than stud earrings.
~Leotards are not required, but many students do wear them.
~No jeans, dresses, skirts, dance leos with skirts, sports bras, or socks.
~Appropriate clothing would be tight and stretchy shorts, leggings, and t-shirts.

Level Two and Up-
~Leotards ARE required at this level for girls. Boys must wear tighter pants and compression shirts.
~Tight shorts or leggings may be worn over the leo if desired.  These additional layers must be skin tight.
~Shirts may be worn over the leotard during stretching and conditioning only!

Q. Can I take pictures?
   A. You are welcome to take pictures of your gymnast, but we ask that you try to avoid taking pictures that have other kids in them. Also, please make sure that your flash is off when taking pictures. A flash can be disruptive and dangerous to those working on skills.
Q. Do I need to stay and watch?
   A. If your child is under six, we ask that you stay in the lobby during his or her practice. Once they hit six and are okay being in the gym without you, you are welcome to go run a quick errand before his or her class ends.
Q. What should my athlete bring to class?

   A. All athletes need to have a hair tie and water. They work hard and need to keep the hair out of their face and stay replenished. Older athletes that are in the higher levels should bring athletic tape and/or grips if they choose to use those.

Q. My gymnast was sick and we missed class last week. Will you waive the $5 late fee when I pay at her next class on the 11th of the month?
   A. No. Payments are always DUE the first of the month. We give you a 10 day grace period to get payments in. If you do not pay tuition by the first of the month or within the 10 day grace period (days 1-10 of each month), you are responsible for paying the $5 late fee. This policy also applies to missing a class prior to the 10th due to inclement weather or holiday closure.
Q. We’d like to sign my daughter up for a class at Shrewsbury Gymnastics. She has gymnastics experience. Does she need to start in level one?
   A. Athletes with previous gymnastics experience can be evaluated before joining our program to determine which level he/she would be best in. In order to have your athlete evaluated, send us an email at office@shrewsburygymnastics.com
Q. What’s the best way to get in touch with the SG Staff?
   A. Email is always the best way to get in touch with us!