Missed Classes, Holidays, and Weather Closing Policies

Missed Class Policy: If your gymnast misses a class, you may make it up in an equivalent class that is not full. Make-up classes must be done within 12 weeks of missing the class. Make-up classes ARE NOT done in lieu of payment. For example, if you have 4 makeup classes available, you may not use those 4 classes the following month instead of paying for classes. They would be done in addition to classes that you have joined and paid for.  If your gymnast needs to make up a class, please email office@shrewsburygymnastics.com in advance so that we can notify you of a class with an opening.

Due to lower, level two boy enrollment, we offer our boys level two class on Thursdays only. In the event that a level two boys gymnast misses a Thursday class, he will be able to make up any missed classes in the months that have 5 Thursdays in them (you are only charged for 48 weeks out of the year, so there are 4 extra Thursdays in a year that can be put towards makeups). He can also come on a Tuesday from 7-8:30 pm for an open gym as a makeup, but will work on skills independently during that time. The Tuesday open gym time period is only being offered to the level two boy members as a makeup, not as an additional open gym time. He may also come on a Saturday from 11:30- 1 pm to work independently. Email office@shrewsburygymnastics.com to set up a time for your son to make up a class.

Holiday and Weather Closings:
If a month has five weeks, you are not charged for the 5th class. That 5th class will count toward any make up class you have or towards a future makeup class. Throughout the year, you only pay for 48 out of the 52 weeks. Therefore, we do not pro-rate for any holiday, event, or weather-related closings. Closings are announced via email, so make sure that we always have an updated email address for you!