About Us

We have cultivated a gymnastics training program that works for most of the kids who come through our doors. There are very clear goals for each level so the skills they’re working on each class are consistent. We also individualize whenever possible which leads to faster progression. When a child enters our program it doesn’t matter how long they’re with us or what their gymnastics ability is, we have their best interests at heart. They are part of our team. Our coaches will work with them through thick and thin and take them as far as they can or want to go. Our coaches enjoy working with kids and love teaching them gymnastics, so they’re going to learn a lot, and they’re going to have fun!

  • Our training style allows us to individualize the work we do with each gymnast, which minimizes the individual’s weaknesses and maximize their strengths.  This means that gymnasts are not necessarily held back if they struggle with certain elements. We also do not train “compulsory” elements that often do not lead to harder skills.  Every skill we train can and will lead to a higher level skill down the road.  This is the reason our gymnasts tend to have a faster rate of progression compared to other systems.
  • We also focus on performing the correct shapes and movement patterns, which prevents injuries and lowers the amount of stress the body goes through, ensuring that our athletes will have long and successful careers with minimal injury.
  • As soon as a gymnast has gained the skills necessary to move into a higher level, we allow them to.  We don’t hold gymnasts back based on “seasons” or the time of year they happen to join.

We were originally a part of Gymnastics of York, which has been training champions for over 30 years in York, PA.  In the Spring of 2010 we expanded to Shrewsbury under the leadership of Head Coach Justin.  Our program in Shrewsbury started out in a small rented room in MGM Dance Studio when they were on the second floor of the Factory.  Even in this small space with limited equipment the program grew way past our expectations, we are very appreciative of the supportive parents through our first year.  In September 2011 we moved out on our own, into a small 2,500 sq ft space on the third floor of the Factory on Forrest Ave.  Even though the space was small, we grew to 200 gymnasts, an incredible testament to our program and our coaches.  Finally, after 3 long years of red tape and road blocks, we were able to move into our very own 11,250 sq ft building in June 2013.  We now have the space and equipment we need to grow our program even further, and provide an even better service to all of our gymnastics families!

We are now a completely independent program as of January 2020. We remain very thankful to our friends at Gymnastics of York!